May 6, 2013

Teachers' Tots


From January 2003 through June 2014, I operated a small in-home child care service primarily for teachers' children.

I provided care (on a full- or part-time basis) for 19 children other than my own, including 10 who started with me as infants. And, of course, I raised my own two daughters from infancy on as well.

I created a Policy Information Handbook which described in detail what parents could expect from me as I cared for their children. The text of the handbook is accessible by clicking here.

I also used several different forms, each of which is mentioned in the Policy Information Handbook. Click to view samples:


June, 2014
This family - the three youngest in this picture - started with me when the oldest daughter was a newborn and continued until the youngest was seven months old. At that time, their mother chose to become an at-home mom, and Teachers' Tots closed its doors.

February, 2014
My home-educated daughters served as very capable assistant teachers and helpers.

August, 2011
I enjoyed providing occasional care for former clients after they reached school-age,
including the girls in green and yellow.

December, 2011
I preferred to provide long-term care.
This older girl started with me when she was just two months old
and stayed until she "graduated" to kindergarten when she was almost six.
I had her younger sister starting when she was three months old until she was three and a half years old,
and then also cared for their baby sister.

April, 2010
I cared for all three of these younger children from their infancies until they reached school-age.
All then "graduated" from Teachers' Tots and now attend public school.

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