March 2, 2010

Security’s Foundation

You might recall from a recent column that my family circumstances were such that I couldn’t develop security at home growing up. However, as I explained in our last issue, I had a wonderful group of teachers in the little public school I attended during my teen years, each of whom built into me particular footings of security. I’m forever grateful for what they gave me, and, since I’m a firm believer in the truth of Jeremiah 29:11, I know that none of it was coincidental. Rather – whether they knew it or not – God used those teachers in my life just when I most needed what each one had to offer.

I also know now that I didn’t have all the security I needed when I left that school. My teachers had offered solid braces of assurance that I mattered and had various capabilities. That kept me from crumbling, and I understandably relied on them to hold me up. But when they were no longer a daily presence in my life, I sagged quickly. Their footings were strong, but, of course, there were gaps between them, and what I really needed was a solid foundation to fill the holes and secure the whole structure of my life. And people cannot do that because people are finite – unable by nature to shore up every area of another’s life. But as a college freshman, I discovered that God – through Jesus (John 14:6) – can and will become that unshakable foundation (Luke 6:48) for anyone who asks (Revelation 3:20).

Do you believe that? Have you accepted the foundation Christ offers? If not, you’re operating on shaky ground, no matter how solid it feels at the moment. And just one of life’s inevitable earthquakes – or even a series of smaller tremors – could collapse your footings, no matter how many you have or how strong they are.

What about the kids in your life – your children or your students? One of the greatest blessings in my adult life has been the assurance God gave me several years ago that He will “break the chains” of generational sin in my family so that its effects will not continue with my own children. And He has kept that promise by filling my heart with unconditional love for my daughters – and deep affection for other children as well. However, I need to be careful. I know my girls feel secure in me, as they should. But one day I’ll be gone, and I don’t want them to crumble. So I also need to do all I can to direct them toward Christ – so that they ultimately understand that, though I’ve provided a strong footing, He alone is their secure foundation. That is the greatest gift any of us can give to all the children in our lives.


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